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With: Helen Hansen
From: Inspire your children
On: Inspired Parenting 
Inspired Parenting (Talk Summary)

Parenting is not something we do only when our children are with us, parenting is a way of life.

Just as each individual is unique so is each parenting style. Just as there are no two children, or parents, that are exactly the same, so your travels through parenting will be tailor-made by both of you, with each voice being as important as the other. The process of parenting provides the opportunity to grow and develop emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Just as the parent evolves so does the child. What factors can assist parents with this evolution?

  • Knowledge - When you understand where your child is at in his/her development then you can meet the individual at this point and communicate effectively. Along with gaining basic knowledge of our children we also need an awareness of who we are as individuals. During this presentation you will receive information on the various developmental stages of a child as well as tools for gauging yourself.
  • Awareness - To truly be in the moment one needs to be able to quieten the chatty mind and become aware of other information that is circulating. This information could be in the form of your child's emotional display, sensory inputs, how your body is feeling or the energetical field within and surround the space you are in. Through awareness we gain certainty, courage, strength and, eventually, trust. When your child picks up on this calm knowingness that you convey without words s/he will feel secure and may soon start to adopt your feeling. You will be guided through an easy 3 minute awareness technique during this presentation.
  • Practice - Through practice experience is gained and such experiences will provide the platform for the future. At this point one has the choice to repeat patterns or shift to a new reality. The outcome of these decisions will rely on your awareness, your willingness to observe objectively and your knowledge. In this presentation you will learn about exercises that can assist you to practice being the parent you want to be.

Through your child you get to leave your mark in this world, for how you parent your child today is going to affect how they deal with life in adulthood and how they parent their own children one day. Inspired parenting is evolutionary.

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Parenting is not something we do only when our children are with us, parenting is a way of life. We can choose to parent from a place of love or fear, we can choose to be ignorant or empower ourselves with knowledge, we can choose to repeat experiences that do not serve us or our family or we can move forward, growing and maturing with our loved ones. In every moment there lies a choice of opportunity. What choice do you make right now?


Parenting is an evolutionary process for both child and parent. Through our children we get to leave our mark in this world … what is your imprint made from, love or fear?


Event Starts:

May 27th 
16h00 (GMT +2)


Helen loves to help people to live the life they want. She has worked with thousands of children and adults across South Africa, assisting them to bring emotional equilibrium to their lives through healthy thinking and being in tune with their life's purpose. Helen's background includes Right Brain Optimisation, Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood Development and the Birth into Being Method.


For her Free Gift, Helen would like to share with you a six-page pdf of the developing stages within each year, from 1 to 11 years. Includes: physical, neurological, thinking, language, learning, emotional, social, self-identity.





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