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Below is the full Playbook of the New Beginnings Summit from 2-6 March 2015.




The Playbook is a comprehensive and interactive online Guide to the Summit Event.

Get to meet the Experts, read about their talks, and see the exciting Free Gifts they've prepared especially for their viewers!


The Playbook is a detailed GUIDE to each Summit Event. It contains:

- an overview of the schedule,

- with the dates for the individual topics,

- and photos of the corresponding speaker. Each speaker has two pages of information about their individual talk

- The first page is a short description of their talk.

- Next to that you can view the Free Gift which you can download when you register for their talk.

- The second page contains a short CV on the Expert.


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Below is the full schedule of the New Beginnings Summit from 2-6 March 2015, on the Topics of Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Early Parenting

Jacky Bloemraad-de Boer is the Director of Education for Birth Institute and she is a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, a doula, a Orthomolecular Nutritionist & Herbalist. She is an educat...

Helen Hansen is a certified Birth into Being Method Instructor, guiding people through a journey of releasing blockages, gaining purpose and living a life of full potentiality. She learnt this ancient wisdom of how to recode the body'...

Lizette van Huyssteen is an expert in Early Childhood Development. With the support of her husband and a team of experts, she founded the Practica Program for children from 0-7 years in 1993: four years after completing a B.Sc. in Social Sc...

Heidi du Preez is a registered Professional Natural Scientist, who obtained her master degree in Food Science. She worked as a Food Scientist in the food industry for six years. While living in the UK for three years, and as a Food Scientis...

Hettie's passion is to see families rebuilt and strengthened. Her books, talks and courses are aimed to inspire, equip and bring families closer to the truths that bring true healing in individuals and relationships. Therefore, she add...

 Dr Etti Barsky is the Training Director and partner of Preggi Bellies South Africa. She is both a General Practitioner and a Sports Physician with an interest in exercise in pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Dr. Gauri Lowe works for enhancing and supporting the Sacred Feminine in every woman, for finding the sacred, safe and satisfying way to birth as well as to live. I journey this every day in my own life with my husband and two sons, age 9 a...

When you have a reason to breastfeed, and a clearer goal in mind, and you are armed with the correct “preparation info-kit”, it will be easier to make a success of breastfeeding ~ especially in a world of information-overload and well-m...

Suzette Bester-Cloete, a social entrepreneur is the founder of Origin School for Entrepreneurs, the 1st of its kind in South Africa and the founder and CEO of Origin Family-Centered Maternity Hospital, the 1st family-centred maternity hospi...

 Marianne has facilitated hundreds of waterbirths, homebirths, vbacs, hospital births and gentle caesarians for women and hopes to share with you some of the knowledge she has gained in ways that serve you.

 Welma’s interest in preterm birth started in a neonatal intensive care unit next to a little hospital bed when she realised that although hospital staff do their very best to save and care for prematurely born babies, they do little...

 Craig Wilkinson is a TEDx speaker and author of the book, “DAD – The Power and Beauty of Authentic Fatherhood”. He wrote DAD after receiving an inspiring letter from his 18 year old son thanking him for all he had done and meant...

Dr Mariatha Yazbek is a lecturer in Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing at the University of Pretoria. She currently teaches Midwifery to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Multiple births represent multiplied blessings, but the...

Elmari has been in private practice for the past 19 years where she combines her years of experience in the fields of psychotherapy, couples therapy, hypnotherapy and sexology. She is a well-known clinical psycho-sexologist, psychotherapist...


The topics covered in the New Beginnings Summit are FERTILITY, PREGNANCY, BIRTH and EARLY PARENTING.




The Speakers in this section will talk about the importance of Nutrition for Fertility and what Infertility is.

They will also examine the effect of emotional experiences which occurs as early as conception.






In this section you'll discover that Learning and growth already starts in the womb and the tools used to fashion a child that is healthy and vibrant will be examined through talks on Sacred Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and how nutrition can affect your unborn child.






The Speakers in this section will talk about your Personality and how your support team can best assist your personality type.

Principles around Birth Etiquette, VBAC's and how to handle Premature babies will also be discussed.




Early Parenting


It is often asked what it means to be a father or to be masculine and even more so, how to instill these values into your child. In this section many of these questions will be addressed, as well as the imprtance of skin-to-skin contact, how to Build your baby's brain and a frank discussion on how to maintain a healthy sexual relationship between you and your partner after childbirth. 




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